11 December, 2013

Five Points to Find Ideal Home from the Real Estate Projects in Pune

It will not need a Sherlock Holmes or a Hercule Poirot to observe the fact that the number of real estate projects in Pune is rising at an alarming pace. That leaves the real estate buyers in a fix while picking the right property, especially when there are a slew of choices in front of them. Here are 5 good things which will help you pick the right one!


1. Check the Property Yourself

It is a better idea if you can go and check the property yourself. Make a thorough inspection and click your own photographs on camera as well as phone. Try to find out if there are any seemingly minor issues which may later create a major problem. Check the property at night as well. See how desolate or noisy the neighborhood is.


2. Access Points

See if any proposed new roads, metro or bus routes that boost an area's accessibility or commutability are planned close to the apartment in Pune you might be planning to buy. That can help you make a prudent decision.


3. In Bulk

When it comes to a plethora of real estate projects in Pune, there is no point in checking a single property on a given day. Spend the day in checking at least 5 among your shortlisted properties in Pune.


4. Technology

Use the internet to check out a property you pass by and like. Technology like QR code enables you to get more information on any of the real estate properties in Pune. Just hold your Smartphone in front of the QR code for the property either in the newspaper or online.


5. Hunches it is

Finally, in spite of all this sleuthing and doing a la Poirot, your instinct will finally help you make a decision. It is all about the vibrations and the first feeling you get the moment you step inside the property. Along with all this, keep in touch and talk to people concerned. That will give you invaluable insights to buy and check real estate projects in Pune or anywhere!


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